Should I invite an life insurance agent into my home, or use an internet life insurance broker?

Life insurance is a difficult subject, it is a decision we all have to make, and a thing we all should have. Whether it be a simple policy that will pay out when we die so that our families are not overly burdened by our passing, or an investment for our retirement. The industry is full of difficult language, clauses, contracts, exceptions and fees. It is a minefield waiting to catch the unwary, and one that some people dread to walk upon.

That’s why we have insurance broker, and life insurance agencies. They are there to make the minefield seems a little less perilous, safer to walk through. They are there to make sure that you connect with the policy that suits you best, not one that suits the pockets of the insurance company better. They act as intermediaries between you and the complex facts, forms and figures required by insurance companies before they will agree to cover you.

In the old days it was common to get yourself an insurance agent, and they would come around to your house, partake in a coffee and some biscuits while they laid out their plans and proposals on your dining table. The whole night would be spent going through the facts, and figures, dealing with difficulties and coming up with a plan that you could both afford, and would cover you sufficiently in the event of your death.

More than likely, your insurance agent was a local person. Someone you would see in the local supermarket, who happened to be in the business and only covered the immediate area of their residence, more of a friend or acquaintance than someone trying to sell you something.

Times moved on, and we moved into the internet age.

Today you can have a similar discussion with a life insurance broker on the internet. They will discuss the same things, offer the same facts and figures (probably more now as they have so much more to offer at their fingertips than your neighbourhood agent had in their briefcase) and propose similar services. The only difference is they are not sitting in your home.

Or is that the only difference?

Consider the old scenario again. You would phone up your agent, arrange a time for them to come round and then spend the evening going over things. It wasn’t exactly dynamic was it? You had to dedicate an evening to the process, the only facts you were presented with were the ones they brought with them, and you sort of felt under a little pressure to sign something before the evening was out in case you were guilty of wasting their time. (If you didn’t sign the contract you would have to avoid them if you saw them in the street in the ensuing weeks).

Today’s world doesn’t work like that anymore. In today’s world we expect someone who is providing us with a service to have the world of technology at their fingertips, to be able to offer us any answer to any question. We expect them to be there when we decide, not at a mutually acceptable time; be it 3:30 in the afternoon, or at 8pm when we get home from work. We have the ability to double check any fact or figure they may quote us, instantly using the same internet technologies that they are using. And, a big and, we have the choice to say yes, or to say no, to move on and find someone else to help us – no hard feelings.

In short, in today’s world, we want answers to be fast, efficient and accurate. Forget the social chit-chat, we are discussing business, and when we are finished we want to continue with our normal lives satisfied with a job well done – mission accomplished.

An online broker offers all of that. They are sitting in their office when you speak to them (it can be a chat session, Skype phone call, or just exchanges of emails) so they have all of the facts and figures of their whole company at their fingertips (no more – “let me check with head office” – they are in the office). They are at work, and have lives of their own, so it is not in their interest to try and spend hours talking to you. They will professionally convey the facts and figures, discuss your concerns and worries, make suggestions about policies and terms and let you make the decision. There is no pressure to sign the deal before they leave, they can pick up the conversation tomorrow or the next day.

If you need time to look at the policy, simple, they email it to you and you take your time to read it, no one looking over your shoulder. You can still question any part of it as you would to an agent sitting next to you, or you can end the conversation there and say you will contact them again when you have looked through the documents.

Of course an Internet broker does lack some of the personal touch that a visiting agent used to have. But ask yourself a question; when was the last time you asked the man from the electricity company to come round for dinner when you were deciding which energy plan to use in your house? You didn’t did you? It was a service you needed, you handled it like any other service you need in today’s world, online or via the phone.


Return of Premium Life Insurance

Family signing life insurance policy

Return of Premium Life Insurance

So you’ve decided that you want the protection that only life insurance can

provide for you, now what? For the majority of Canadians what comes next is a period of online research followed by deciding which particular type of insurance will best cover their needs. The choices that you have boil down to three basic types: term life insurance, whole life insurance and return of premium (ROP) life insurance. If you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re more than familiar with both term and whole life insurance but a little unsure as to what exactly return of premium life insurance is and the advantages it offers.

Return of premium life insurance is essentially a hybrid of term and whole life insurance. Like all life insurance policies, it guarantees a death benefit should you pass away. It is similar to term life insurance in that it provides coverage over a specific period of years, and like whole life insurance you do get money back.  But unlike whole life insurance buying return of premium life insurance is a lot more straight forward, in that you only select the amount of coverage you desire and for how long. If you outlive your policy’s term, you get all the money you paid in premiums returned to you.

The cost of return of premium life insurance

Return of premium life insurance is more expensive than term life insurance, but considerably cheaper than whole life insurance plans. As a rough guide, Return of premium life insurance is approximately 50% more than a comparable term life insurance plan. It is important that a return of premium life insurance plan is not mistaken for an investment tool as it offers no returns. It is for this reason many financial advisors suggest a term life insurance, while investing the difference.

We can help

At we know that life insurance shopping can leave most people’s heads spinning, is here to help guide through all the different plans available. If you’re interested in getting the best coverage available at a price you deserve then we can help. All we need is a little information, and we’ll take care of the rest. is simply the quickest and easiest way to life insurance in Canada.

Can I Buy Life Insurance on Someone Else?

Life Insurance Policy

You are allowed to pay the premiums and collect the benefits on a life insurance policy that insures a life that is not your own!

Can I buy life insurance on someone else? Or here is the one that really scares people. Can someone else buy life insurance on me and then collect the money if I die? I hear people asking these questions all the time and wanted to address both issues.

Can I buy life insurance for someone else?

The simple answer is, “yes”. You are allowed to pay the premiums and collect the benefits on a life insurance policy that insures a life that is not your own. For example, many people have life insurance on their children. Another example is that companies sometimes buy life insurance on their key employees so that they can recover from the negative financial effect that losing that employee might cause.

There are two things that you need to consider. One, you are going to need to have the consent and participation of the person whose life is being insured. Two, you are going to need to provide a reason to the insurance company that you will be affected financially if the insured dies. The only exception to this is life insurance on children. Usually the parent of a minor can purchase life insurance on the child without any additional reasons. If you have nothing to lose from the death of the person, then you don’t really have an “insurable interest” and in such cases would only gain financially from the death of the insured. Just being a relative does not necessarily create an insurable interest. You will have to prove that you are somehow financially affected by the death of that particular relative.

Can someone else buy life insurance on me and then collect the money if I die?

As you can tell from my comments in the previous paragraph it is going to be very difficult for someone to buy life insurance on you without you knowing about it. First of all they are going to need your consent and participation. Most life insurance policies require medical tests on the insured and I think you’ll notice the person coming over to your house to take your blood and to strap the EKG on your chest.

If a person purchases some kind of simplified issue or guaranteed issue policy without you knowing about it, then they are committing insurance fraud, which is a felony and would cause the policy to be voided.

Also if the person can’t prove insurable interest the insurance company is not going to let them buy the policy. The company will let anybody willing to give them the money pay the premiums, but the company is going to need to know that the person who is named the beneficiary of the policy has the insurable interest. Now if you originally purchase a policy you can usually transfer the ownership of the policy or change the beneficiary to whoever you want, but you will have to prove that the initial beneficiary has insurable interest.

Speak to a life insurance specialist at Solutions Financial to find out more on buying life insurance on someone else.

Excuses for Not Having Life Insurance

Best Life Insurance Policy

There are No Excuses for Not Having the Best Life Insurance Policy at the Best Price!

As a Canadian insurance broker I have heard many excuses over the years as to why people won’t buy life insurance, here is a small list of the most common excuses.

  • I don’t want to leave money to my spouse; after I die they are just going to spend it with their new partner.
  • I’m totally healthy I will buy it when my health starts to fail
  • We like to travel 2 or 3 times a year and we can’t afford any new expenses right now.
  • My kids can deal with it when I’m gone.
  • My father and mother lived into their 90s.
  • I don’t believe in life insurance, it’s a scam.
  • My debts don’t have to be paid after I die.
  • I totally think that I will never die.
  • I won’t buy life insurance because I have to pay a higher premium because I smoke.
  • I am going to wait until I have stopped smoking cigarettes before I get life insurance.
  • I’m only forty I’m too young for life insurance.
  • My spouse can deal with it; I will be dead who cares.

As your trusted Insurance Broker, it is my hope that after reading through this list that some of your will realize how ridiculous and short sighted all of the above statements are.

When you’re deciding about whether or not to get a life insurance, think for a while and ponder on these few questions:

  1. Are you married?
  2. Do you have any dependents such as your children or your parents?
  3. Do you own your own home?
  4. Do have a large outstanding balance on credit cards / lines of credit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is a likely indication that you should have a life insurance policy in place.
The answers to these questions along with the advice of a professional insurance broker will guide you to figure out if you should buy a life insurance policy, and if you do, what type of life insurance coverage you should purchase.

One of our life insurance experts would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact one of our life insurance experts for a free consultation. Absolutely Free. No Cost. No Obligation. You may also be interested in one of our free online life insurance quotes.