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Day to Day Banking

Solutions Financial can offer a new approach to banking. Simple and straightforward. Competitive and convenient. What’s more, you can continue to bank on the professional financial security advice and personal service you have come to expect from your Solutions Financial Security Advisor.

Banking shouldn’t be complicated. Your everyday needs can be met with a series of integrated accounts. All accounts are  connected through the same service — online, in person through your Financial Security Advisor or by telephone. Whether it’s chequing, savings, overdraft protection, or a basic no-fee credit card, one simple plan is a smart choice for your day-to-day banking needs.

Solutions Financial can bring you solutions for your day-to-day banking and long-term goals.

Borrowing shouldn’t be complicated. Your everyday borrowing needs can be met with one or more lending products to suit your spending patterns. Whether you’re preparing for occasional emergency expenses, taking advantage of an opportunity, renovating your home or cottage, or purchasing a new car or boat, one of these straightforward options is a smart choice for expanding your cash management options.

Whether you’re looking for a simple no-fee credit card or access to our exclusive rewards program, our MasterCard products offer you the features and convenience you expect from a credit card… and more.