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Protect your home Not your lender

At Solutions Financial, we don’t insure your mortgage. We insure you. After all, you’re the one making those mortgage payments. Through a personal life insurance policy, you can plan to meet more of your family’s needs in the event of death – including living in that dream home (protecting your mortgage). Here are the 10 things you should know about Mortgage Life Insurance.

We offer free, instant, online mortgage life insurance quotes from many leading life insurance carriers, and can help you purchase the most affordable life insurance policy that best meets your requirements. Mortgage life insurance does not have to be purchased from the lending institution! We offer superior and lower cost mortgage life insurance!

Whether you’re looking to provide a financial safety net for your loved ones, moving house or a first time buyer looking to arrange your mortgage life insurance – or simply wanting to add some cover to what you’ve already have – you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of coverage and get a great deal too.

Never buy mortgage insurance at your bank!


While the monthly premium is generally locked in at the rate per $1000 according to the age of the older insured person, the amount of the payout shrinks as the mortgage is paid down. What does this mean for you? The cost of mortgage insurance becomes very expensive as every week passes! With our low-cost solution, upon death your beneficiary receives the full amount of coverage. And yet the premiums remain very competitive to the banks! If you are over 30 years of age and a non-smoker, your premiums just can’t be beat by the banks!


When you die, the bank receives the proceeds. You cannot assign anyone else, including family members, as beneficiary. In contrast, with our solution, you appoint a beneficiary who can use the proceeds in whatever manner he/she wishes. If it is wiser to invest the proceeds rather that pay off a low interest mortgage, the beneficiary has the choice. If your family does decide to pay off the mortgage, they can keep the balance of the proceeds.


Any change to a mortgage document — refinancing or a change of address, for instance — opens the door to collapsing the mortgage insurance agreement with the bank. You are then required to reapply for mortgage insurance, and rates increase with age upon renewal. If your health is poor at that time, the application may be turned-down, leaving you with no protection. With our solution, your protection is guaranteed for the full length of the term, regardless of any change in your health, and is completely independent from any changes made to your mortgage, including refinancing or transferring the loan to any other lender.

Mortgage life insurance is marketed with a specific need in mind – that of paying off a major debt like a mortgage. The amount of your mortgage life insurance may represent only a part of your overall family responsibilities. Call Solutions Financial and speak with an Financial Security Advisor to determine if you are overpaying for protection, or to determine if you are protected appropriately.

Watch CBC Marketplace – “In Denial”

Watch “Mortgage insurance: Not always a sure thing” video segment from CBC Marketplace on February 6, 2008 which provides you with concise information about bank mortgage insurance and the reasons for consumers to purchase their mortgage insurance through a licensed mortgage insurance broker.

Important Notice: Our mortgage insurance plan does not replace CMHC mortgage insurance, which is insurance you buy when you can’t put at least 20% deposit down to buy your home.