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In 2004, Solutions Financial was created, to provide pressure-free buying of individually underwritten Life Insurance from competing insurance companies, by phone. Since then, we have helped countless people save money on Life Insurance — often hundreds of dollars less than what they could have paid elsewhere. From the carefully selected companies we represent, we provide you with the best price for your described needs.

“Our clients have the comfort of knowing that their interest and needs come first”. Solutions Financial will consider our client’s goals, stage in life, personal circumstances and risk tolerance. We will make recommendations for building a financial security plan and offer you a broad range of competitive life insurance products for individuals and businesses based on their short-term and long-term needs. Whether you are an individual, a family or a business, we endeavour to understand your current financial plan and/or to develop a plan that is designed to meet your objectives.

On the investment side, Solutions Financial establishes each client’s risk profile and then designs an appropriate investment portfolio. We focus on long-term growth and preservation of capital.

On the insurance side, Solutions Financial analyzes each client’s existing insurance portfolio as well as each client’s existing exposure to risk, and then in consultation with our clients, we design appropriate insurance strategies.

Our clients know that when Solutions Financial gives you advice, we are advising you with up to-date and current information, which will help you to secure your Financial Security needs and obtain your Financial Freedom in the future years to come. By using Solutions Financial Investment and Financial Security planning process that is supported by the fundamental principles of diversification, asset allocation, dollar-cost averaging and maintaining your long-term focus, Solutions Financial can help you build a plan to fit your needs at every stage of life.