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Mortgages and Financing

Mortgages. An important piece of the plan

At Solutions Financial, we can help tailor mortgages to fit your needs and your financial security plan. Our company can help you connect with a mortgage specialists who has the knowledge and experience to help select a mortgage that works for you.

Convenient service and professional advice

Our mortgage specialists will:

  • meet with you at your convenience
  • discuss your financing requirements
  • show you mortgage and financing options
  • arrange for fast pre-approval of your mortgage

Flexible mortgage features:

  • a wide selection of terms
  • a 90-day commitment period
  • bridge financing and mortgage insurance

Payment options to suit your lifestyle. You can:

  • save thousands of dollars by choosing from our accelerated payment options
  • pay up to 15 per cent of the original principal in a lump-sum payment, once annually
  • increase your regular payment by up to 15 per cent on a continual basis