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Why You Need More Life Insurance

Do you need more life insurance? In many cases, there’s a major gap between the amount of life insurance coverage you needs and the amount you have.

As you reach different stages in your life, your life insurance needs will change. If you fail to update your policy as your life changes, you could find yourself grossly under insured.

7 Reasons You might Need More Life Insurance

Reason #1: You own a home

If you’re planning on purchasing a home or refinancing your mortgage, protect your investment with a life policy. If you’re unsure about purchasing insurance, ask yourself this question: could your family make mortgage payments without you?

Reason #2: You’re in debt

Your life policy may be enough to cover your mortgage, but what about other debts? In the event of your demise, a term life policy could be used to pay personal loans, credit card bills, student loans and other expenses.

Reason #3: Marriage

If you have a spouse, chances are you’re sharing the financial responsibility, too. Life insurance can serve as income replacement to help your spouse pay the bills and preserve the same standard of living.

Reason #4: A new baby

Having a baby is a wonderful time for parents, but it can place an incredible strain on a family’s finances. Raising a child can cost a fortune. If one income is lost, the family will need financial support so the surviving spouse can support the family.

Reason #5: You buy a bigger home

A bigger home usually means a larger mortgage. Make sure you increase your life policy coverage.

Reason #6: A new job

Even if your previous employer offered life insurance benefits, you likely had a separate life insurance policy. Your new employer may have benefits, but how much? Likely not sufficient to cover your family’s financial needs, starting a new job is a good time to evaluate your life insurance needs.

Reason #7: You become widowed or divorced

If you’re a widow or divorcee, you’ll likely need to re-examine your life insurance needs. You may have lost life insurance coverage you previously had with your spouse. Make sure you update your coverage if you’re divorced or widowed.