Top 3 Life Insurance Companies in Brampton

Posted on: September 24th, 2019 by Brad Schwartz

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Brampton Residents

There are over 35 Canadian Life Insurance companies offering policies to those living in Brampton. Each company has slightly different underwriting rules. Hence, not all companies are looking for the same type of clientele. To explain, some companies specialize in insuring Commercial Pilots.  Accordingly, other companies will offer better rates for Students. Knowing the difference is the key to getting the correct coverage at the best price.

Solutions Financial has the Experience

Solutions Financial has a close relationship with over 20 Canadian Life Insurance companies offering Life Insurance in Brampton. We have taken the time to understand each product inside and out. This makes it easy for us to quickly recommend the right company and obtain the quickest approval.

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Introducing Solutions Financial Group Benefits

Posted on: August 29th, 2019 by Brad Schwartz

After 17 years in business, we are pleased to launch Solutions Financial Group Benefits! We have the newest Group product available in Canada. Solutions Financial Group is designed the ground up to be Canada’s most flexible, adaptable and comprehensive product on the Market.

Servicing businesses with employees from 1 to 1,000!
Solutions Financial Group Benefits Packages feature:
A Dedicated Group Benefits specialist

  • We ensure that the Representative that completes your enrollment will remain your dedicated Service Rep! Therefore you are always speaking to a familiar voice who has detailed knowledge about your specific business and employees. We handle:
    • Needs Analysis
    • Administrative support
    • Assistance with enrollment and launching
    • Claims Assistance
    • Renewal Analysis

Covering all of Ontario

  • We are a Provincial Wide Group Benefit provider servicing all of Ontario.

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How to get Term Life Insurance for clients with HIV/AIDS

Posted on: June 27th, 2019 by Brad Schwartz

Term Life Insurance For HIV/AIDS

Historically, I have had no access to life insurance products that will cover clients after contracting HIV or AIDS. Solutions Financial was founded on the premise of providing a Solution for every possible client. Therefore, I spent many hours in the past calling colleagues and carriers alike searching for a solution. Thankfully the Industry has caught up and Solutions Financial now offers an affordable Term Life Insurance for HIV/AIDS patients. Additionally, this product is approved with No Medical Exam and is underwritten by one of our strongest partners.

Are there exclusions?

As discussed, our Term Life Insurance for clients with HIV/AIDS will provide instant coverage. However, are there any major exclusions?

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Strong Family Connections can Increase Life Expectancy

Posted on: June 28th, 2018 by Peter Choma

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” – Joyce Meyer

Over a century’s worth of research underscores the link between life expectancy, physical health and strong, healthy family connections. The researchers behind a new meta-analysis conclude family support can increase survival by up to 50 percent. Moreover, exercising or losing excess weight turns out to be less important to physical health than interpersonal social networks.

The researchers analyzed results of studies going back to the early 1900s with a total of 308,849 participants. Strong family connections were found to help improve health and extend life expectancy. This is done primarily by protecting individuals from stressful situations or establishing a standard of healthy living.

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Don’t Leave Making A Will Too Late

Posted on: January 20th, 2016 by Peter Choma

Don’t leave making a Will too late

Making a will is one of the tasks that people tend to put off most. Also, it’s one of the main reasons why millions of dollars worth of assets left by loved ones don’t end up in the right hands. Don’t leave making a Will too late.

None of us like to talk about death and I can understand why. However, failing to make a Will can leave those left behind with significant problems and stress. Extra stress not needed at what is already a tough time.

You have spent a lifetime working hard to accrue wealth and property. Surely you want to have a say in who receives what when you die?

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