Life Insurance Brokers in Canada

Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by Peter Choma

Life Insurance Brokers in Canada

An Life Insurance brokers in Canada is a professional who specializes in selling life insurance from various insurance companies. The main difference between a broker and an agent is that the agent sells insurance from a single company. Meanwhile, a broker represents multiple companies giving them more options to find you the most suitable coverage.

Licensing in Canada

In Canada each province is responsible for the licensing requirements for Life Insurance brokers in Canada. The life insurance industry is active and ever changing, and can be complicated; a professional broker is a necessary resource when you are shopping for life insurance. Brokers are tasked with keeping knowledgeable about the latest policy offerings and industry trends. Therefore, they can apply that knowledge to help you.

Why Canadian Life Insurance Brokers?

If you are purchasing life insurance, it can be very beneficial to work with an life insurance broker in Canada. A life insurance agent has a direct relationship with ONE insurance carrier. Therefore, their interest is with the provider, not the life insurance consumer. A life insurance broker has contracts with numerous insurance companies they represent. Therefore their interest is more directed at getting the client the best possible contract.

We Make it Easy

Consumers are becoming more reliant on using the internet to educate themselves on life insurance. Accordingly, Life insurance brokers are forced to adapt. Solutions financial prides itself in connecting Canadians with the best advice. Solutions Financial works hard at ensuring our brokers are committed to getting you the best possible coverage at the best price.

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