Life Insurance for Scuba Divers

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by Peter Choma

Canada is known for its largest fresh water lakes in the world which makes it a place or destination to enjoy scuba diving. Many Scuba Divers go to Canada to enjoy this adventurous thing to do. Scuba Diving is known to be exciting more than ever now that you don’t have to rely on a breath hold or air pumped from the surface. It is now a lot safer and a free way to scuba dive by carrying your own air source in a tank. This allows divers to move freely under water more than that with an airline.

Scuba Diving is an adventurous thing to do without any doubt but with the adventurous things comes the risk of injury or dealth. There are a lot of factors to which you can have injuries and suffer problems while scuba diving. You can face injuries while scuba diving due to change in intense pressure, breathing high pressure gas can cause some problems for you, decompression sickness, oxygen toxicity, failure of diving equipments, loss of intense body heat and much more. But despite of so much risk you must be thinking why one would go scuba diving? Well the one who has already done or the experts in the field says – “There is nothing that we can compare with scuba diving deep under the water.”

Despite all these risk you must take some of the precautions if you are going for scuba diving. But what’s the most important thing that you must have while doing scuba diving? Well, the most important as well the most essential thing you must have is a life insurance policy. As a scuba diver you never know when you will be struck with trouble and lose your life.

So, if you are a scuba diver we will tell you the qualifications that is required by Canadian Life insurance companies. Below are the things that you must have before going to a life insurance company to obtain coverage.

  • Your Experience in Scuba Diving, along with the certification in the field
  • Your medical history
  • Dive Location
  • Diving Activities you do
  • The depth and frequency of dives as well as if you dive at night.
  • Your lifestyle

There are three things that likely to happen after applying for a life insurance policy, the policy will be issued standard, rated or even declined. If you are a diver who dives beyond a depth of about 120 feet under the water then you will be rated. And if you are suffering from some medical diseases like cardiovascular related problems or any respiratory breathing problems you will likely be declined by the insurance carrier. If declined you may opt for another option to get a non-medical life insurance coverage. You can opt for this non-medical insurance if you are 20 to 85 years of age, however premiums tend to be much higher for this type of policy.

So, these are the options available for you regarding opting for life insurance as a scuba diver as per Canadian life insurance standards. You must carefully read out all the terms and conditions attached to that particular life insurance plan and make sure that you are opting for the right plan for yourself and your family. Enjoy the diving and stay safe.