How to get Term Life Insurance for clients with HIV/AIDS

Posted on: June 27th, 2019 by Brad Schwartz

Term Life Insurance For HIV/AIDS

Historically, I have had no access to life insurance products that will cover clients after contracting HIV or AIDS. Solutions Financial was founded on the premise of providing a Solution for every possible client. Therefore, I spent many hours in the past calling colleagues and carriers alike searching for a solution. Thankfully the Industry has caught up and Solutions Financial now offers an affordable Term Life Insurance for HIV/AIDS patients. Additionally, this product is approved with No Medical Exam and is underwritten by one of our strongest partners.

Are there exclusions?

As discussed, our Term Life Insurance for clients with HIV/AIDS will provide instant coverage. However, are there any major exclusions? The main exclusion my HIV/AIDS clients are concerned with is the 2 year Exemption for death related to HIV/AIDS. Essentially, in the event that a covered client passes away in the first 24 months of the policy from HIV or AIDS then the policy would return premiums. After the first 2 years, the HIV/AIDS clause is removed. In other words, the policy will pay out if a covered client passes away from HIV/AIDS on the first day of the 3rd year until the end of the policy.

Additional Features

Return of Premium – Solutions Financial includes an optional feature that many of my clients take advantage of. Return of Premium gives you the option of returning all of your premium to you at the end of a policy period. This refund is available if there was no claim during the policy period. Therefore, this feature could allow you to get a refund on your policy!

Who can we provide this product to?

Solutions Financial operates in Canada from Coast to Coast. We are in every province excluding Quebec. Hence, we can provide Term Life Insurance for HIV/AIDS to the majority of Canadians. After all, the entire process is complete over the phone and online. Using our Non Face-To-Face method, we are able to provide you Term Life Insurance for HIV/AIDS quickly, securely and conveniently. Many of our clients appreciate the privacy this method affords.

Solutions Financial is here to give peace of mind to clients with HIV/AIDS. Please contact us today for more information: I look forward to speaking with you.

For assistance in receiving support and more information about HIV and AIDS treatment, Visit GMSH, Ontario HIV Treatment Network or AIDS Committee of Toronto below:

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