Top 3 Life Insurance Companies in Brampton

Posted on: September 24th, 2019 by Brad Schwartz

Top 3 Life Insurance Companies for Brampton Residents

There are over 35 Canadian Life Insurance companies offering policies to those living in Brampton. Each company has slightly different underwriting rules. Hence, not all companies are looking for the same type of clientele. To explain, some companies specialize in insuring Commercial Pilots.  Accordingly, other companies will offer better rates for Students. Knowing the difference is the key to getting the correct coverage at the best price.

Solutions Financial has the Experience

Solutions Financial has a close relationship with over 20 Canadian Life Insurance companies offering Life Insurance in Brampton. We have taken the time to understand each product inside and out. This makes it easy for us to quickly recommend the right company and obtain the quickest approval.

Read below to learn about our Top 3 choices:

Wawanesa Life:

  1. Chance for Approval: Wawanesa is a rapidly growing company. Thus, they are currently looking to approve applications for many Brampton Residents. Wawanesa provides our clients with a high likelihood of a positive outcome.
  2. Quick Payout: In the event of a claim, Wawanesa has one of the quickest payouts in the business.
  3. Strong Whole Life Product: Wawanesa has one of the strongest performing Whole Life Policies. These have high cash values.


  1. Largest Product Line: Manulife has one of the deepest catalogs of products. Therefore, we can arrange coverage for a broad selection of occupations for Brampton Residents.
  2. Innovative Products: Manulife is the first to provide a Life Insurance Product that rewards you for keeping your good health! Vitality is a product that comes with a FitBit tracker when you sign up. This policy provides benefits such as; paying for your yearly checkup and also offing discounts based on how many fitness goals you achieve.
  3. Canada’s Largest Insurance Provider: Rest easy knowing that Manulife is Canada’s largest Life Insurance Company.


  1. Can make you Younger: Western Life uses your actual age rather the age nearest! That means if you apply for insurance at age 43 ¾, Western will consider you a 43 year old rather than 44.
  2. Simplest Application Process: Western Life has spent a lot of time on their systems. Above all, applying for a Western Life Policy extremely quick and easy to complete. Just answer a few questions and sign the application electronically.
  3. Environmentally Minded: Western Life is 100% paperless! Because of this, Western Life is the most environmentally sound Canadian Life Insurance Company selling in Brampton.

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